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Anna W says:

"I came to Anna wanting to find the best version of myself - the most energized the most in-tune. There is only so far I could get on my own and my energy tends to slump in the winter. Plus, it's so easy to get caught up in the negativity of the world around us (think doom scrolling and the temptation to stay in pjs all day). With an arsenal of techniques–questionnaires, meditation, individualized energy practices–Anna crafted a plan that went beyond the superficial to drill down into my hard-wired thought patterning. Anna is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable healer, and person who lives her values with contagious authenticity. Through our sessions together, I've begun rewiring my brain and consequently, my habits. The result is vibrant energy I have the ability tap into and control. It's priceless!!"

Kristyn says:

"Anna is the absolute best. Her soul shines brightly with compassion and it shows in her work as a yoga instructor and reiki healer. I met Anna by chance for a drop in yoga session one night, and she instantly made me feel as though we were old friends catching up after a long time apart. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and makes you feel completely at ease on your journey to get comfortable with your soul. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an instructor and healer who is nothing short of amazing."

Cari says:

While I was stubborn to admit I needed to seek out help, I began seeing Anna in July 2020. Over the past 7 months of working with her, I have become more positive, confident, and emotionally stable. Her integration of meditation, yoga, reiki, and other healing modalities has helped me grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Anna is an amazing guide and healer who provides the support that you need to make positive changes!”

Kelly says:

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Anna. When you walk into any of her classes she immediately makes you feel welcome. She brings a great energy that allows all levels to feel comfortable. You will leave any of her classes with the biggest smile on your face. She is dedicated to yoga and energy work and is always looking to learn more and improve. She wants to share this love with the world and her passion is contagious.”

Tom says:

"I think Anna’s most defining feature is her energy; she brings positivity and good vibes with her to each one of her classes. Her warmth is infectious and the brilliance of her liveliness can turn the worst mood around in a few short moments. Every word she speaks carries a spark that is a testament to her love of yoga; it is a love that she spreads to every one of her students each time she teaches. My own passion for the practice grew just from being in her presence - her love and positivity were that strong. Anna is also a certified reiki healer, and is able to implement that practice in her yoga instruction in ways that filled my heart and soul with vibrant warmth each time she performed her art.

Through Anna I have fully embraced the lifestyle of a yogi. This brilliant woman has helped me understand the potential of my mind and body, enriching my life in ways that go far beyond the yoga studio. The grace of yoga and a healthy mindfulness practice are important parts of my life now thanks to her, and anyone fortunate enough to benefit from her guidance will be a better person for the experience."

Lindsey says:

"Anna brings knowledge and spirituality into her classes, while making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. She is energetic and enthusiastic, giving such positive vibes while encouraging others. Anna’s passion for yoga and Reiki is apparent through her radiant personality, making her a teacher that I always find myself looking up to."

Danielle says:

"My first ever yoga experience was Restorative and Reiki with Anna. I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous. Anna made me so comfortable from the moment I stepped into the room. She talked me through what I could expect from the class and re-assured me that she would be right there to assist me if needed. I left Anna’s class feeling strong, relaxed and wondering when I could come back! I have seen Anna many times since that first class and continue to progress thanks to her calming and healing energy and willingness and help all of her students achieve their goals."