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ROOTED: 4 Week LIVE Group

ROOTED: 4 Week LIVE Group

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ROOTED is A 4-week live group of mindfulness, grounding, and accountability.  The intention here is to find more ways in your day to day to allow your nervous system to feel safe and be in a state of flow. Rather than in a sympathetic state of fight or flight. 

If you feel like your off, tired, anxious, overwhelmed, closed off, or just wanting to reset with some support. This is for you.

If you want to deepen the relationship with yourself and others, find more peace in just being, and learning how to trust your intuition. This is for you.  

Whether you are new to self healing or a seasoned life surfer, this course and group will provide you with what you are needing in this moment. Think of it as coming back home to yourself :) 

Everyone experiences challenges, grief, and some type of nervous system deregulation. It is easy to close yourself off to the world and yourself. My intention here is to GUIDE and TEACH you integrated practices to ground your nervous system and help you shift from that survival state, to a state of flowing with whatever energy comes. 

 The techniques I will teach you will help you break through barriers that are keeping you frozen in a survival state. Remember, even when we talk about our life challenges and past trauma, the body holds onto things that need to be released physically or energetically. 

What's included: 

  • Live Virtual Group Practice Sessions 
  • Mondays & Thursdays @ 10-11am EST - will be recorded!
  • Ancient practices applied to modern day life 
  • Have accountability and support from the group
  • Build your practice
  • Learn more about where you are now and what you need
  • Discuss topics, ask questions, share insights 
  • Integrate and practice 
  • Build your menu of skills 
  • Change your perspective on how you are currently operating from
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