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EMBODIED 8 Week Intense Integrative 1:1

EMBODIED 8 Week Intense Integrative 1:1

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EMBODIED is an 8 week intensive & integrative 1:1 approach.

If you are looking for deeper, committed, and consistent work with yourself. Where I will teach you all the tools you need to integrate into daily life to help support you. It will uncover root issues and heal deep inner child trauma that is currently surfacing and keeping you stuck from living your vision . 

This is not for someone who is not ready to go all in and be challenged! I will compassionately trigger you so that you can really dig deep into what wounds/blocks still exist. I will help you re-align or grow your vision and feel even more deeply connected with yourself. 

We will meet once weekly for 30 minutes each week for 8 weeks. And you will have access to me through whats app so we can communicate in between sessions through messages and voice notes. 


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